I help women optimize and realign their hormones for long-term, sustainable results.

Nurse Practitioner & Herbalist

 Heathar Parisi, MSN, FNP-C

Hormone replenishment and optimization 
Drainage and Detoxification

Nutrition and Supplements

Stress Management 

In addition to being a licensed nurse practitioner and a clinical herbalist, I integrate multiple modalities in my protocols under the umbrella of regenerative medicine, where appropriate:  

supporting women with hormone optimization from peri-menopause through menopause.

My practice is focused on...

Licensed as a Family Nurse Practitioner currently in Arizona and Washington. California license is pending. 

Professional Licenses and Affiliations

Associates in Science/Registered Nurse (RN)

Bachelors in Science in Nursing (BSN)

from Simmons University, where my research focused on stress reduction through meditation for healthcare providers and intermittent fasting (IF) for Type-II diabetic patients.

Masters Degree in Nursing (MSN)


I attend multiple conferences each year for updates on the latest research and developments in bioregulatory and anti-aging medicine.

Functional Medicine & Regenerative Medicine

 the beach is my happy place


Dog mom to black & yellow labs, Tate and Beau


Two girls and a boy


BARBACOA TACOS with cabbage salad


I was a movie set nurse in the mid 90's in New York City

FUN Fact:

Collard greens, honeycrisp apple, ginger, turmeric, mint, carrot & lemon

Fav Juice:

70's and 80's music

Crazy About:

Love pilates and yoga


Get To Know Me

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If you are reaching me through Dr. Christine Schaffner, ND, please book a discovery call through this website.


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Tell Me!

Why I Use Organic

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Because 99% of the product in your hormone bottle is the base, the hormone formulations I use are comprised of 100% certified organic oil bases and contain zero chemical solvents. Other compounds that use gels and creams often contain a potentially toxic solvent as well as chemical additives. Over the course of a year, users of these gels and creams could rub more than a quart of the compound into their skin. Menopause Method offers the same hormones in 100% certified organic oil bases. 

It's that simple.

Why I use Organic

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